Commercial / Kaikoura Civic Building

Kaikoura District Council, Museum and Library.

The Kaikoura civic building was designed to be iconic and represent Kaikoura’s strong history and connection to the sea.

The 2,400m2 building provides new facilities for the museum, council offices and Library.

The building uses NZ sourced, sustainably forested pine for the structure, internal linings and interior design features.

The main stairs are constructed with a combination of LVL and plywood, with a black steel spine and balustrade rail. 


The building is constructed with an engineered timber post and beam structure, with solid timber (CLT) wall panels and pre-fabricated roof panels.

Rocking CLT shear walls are spread throughout the building and are designed to minimise any damage caused by earthquakes, this enables the building to be used after a major event, rather than having to be demolished which could potentially be the case for a conventional design.

DBA completed the Architectural Design, Structural Drawings and Shop Drawings used for the fabrication of the various pre-fabricated elements.

The innovative structural systems in this building require a high degree of co-ordination and documentation to seamlessly bring the elements together on site. 


A feature slat screen of Glulam beams has been used to create a strong identity for the building and provide solar shading.

The building uses passive ventilation systems to provide cooling that minimizes energy use.

The interior spaces, including the receptions counters have been formed with CLT as well, blurring the line between the structural and interior elements.


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