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Grampian Oaks House, Nelson

Environmentally Friendly and Affordable Design

I’ve designed this house for my family with the aim of striking a balance between Design, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Health and Affordability.

This direction is born from a frustration with the divide between often poor performing spec homes and the high cost of bespoke architecturally designed homes.

As an extension of this project DBA is currently developing a range of design styles that can be selected, with custom floor plans produced to best suit the client’s needs and site features.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Passive solar design to maximize heat gain in winter and minimize it in summer.

Increased insulation values.

Increased air tightness to reduce heat loss.

LED lights.

Heat Pump hot water system (uses 65% less energy than conventional)

NZ grown timber is used for the structure, cladding and decking.


A focus is placed on custom designed layouts for each site, which is critical to achieve the right quality of light, views and to best utilize each site.

A set range of materials and roof lines allows the design process to be streamlined.

The living spaces, being the heart of most homes are treated with high ceilings, large door and window openings and natural materials.

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The house form and roof lines are kept simple to reduce construction complexity.

Low cost, readily available local materials are specified.

Well-considered design is used to create functional spaces, rather than just increased size.


A balanced ventilation system is used to provide healthy indoor air quality.

Interior Paints with No VOC’s are used.

Plywood joinery with No formaldehyde is used.

Please feel free to contact us if you’re considering a new build, we’re happy to talk through the process and have an obligation free chat on site.

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